Saturday, June 13, 2009

So much to BLOG about

Time to catch up! We've had a busy couple of months. We took the kids to Lagoon yesterday. It was a perfect day, and we really lucked out. Considering it's been raining here all week. My parents came for a visit last week. They recently returned from their mission to the Philippines. It was so good to see them, and of course I put them to work. The kids had so much fun helping papa in the yard and getting our garden ready. I got a picture of them just watching him work in the garage. So cute! My mom and I have been busy with the kids rooms. She added her special touch by painting flowers in Aliyah's room. The skateboarder, however, is a decal. Kael loves it. We hung shelves, refinished a bench, and I spent the whole week picking her brain for ideas. We're still not done, so hopefully they'll be back for a visit soon.

Kael graduated from preschool and is more ready than ever for Kindergarten. (me too!) He also just finished swimming lessons, and has become a good little swimmer. As for the last picture, my cute friend surprised me with this banner as I drove home from doing my first triathlon. The triathlon was fun, but a lot different from a marathon. I'm just glad I didn't drown. :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

What can make your 3 year old this happy?

I've been meaning to post this picture for a while. I found it the other day, and couldn't resist. Now, why in the world would my 3 year old daughter be this happy? Was it Christmas morning? Was she being chased by a dog? Were we bribing her with candy? Disneyland?...not even close. I just so happened to snap a shot of her as she was running to the slide at McDonalds. Gross, nasty, germ infested McDonalds. I guess that's what you get when your mom only let's you go there on your birthday.