Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thank you Dora?

Kael: Mommy, are people who speak English blind? (random, I know)

me: I proceed to explain to him that we speak English, and people in other countries have a language of their own that we don't speak or understand. As an example, I tell him that people in Mexico speak Spanish.

Kael: Oh, do they talk like this? He then recites to me in Spanish 1-10. I'd write it out if he recited it in German. I think I'm the only HS student who didn't take Spanish.

The sad thing about this is I did not teach him that. I'm not even sure if he learned it in pre-school. The only other explanation is Dora. The funny thing is he gave up Dora about 2 years ago. He REFUSES to watch it because she's a girl. Go figure.

Monday, June 16, 2008

We're Back!

We've been back from San Diego for a week now, and it's taken me that whole week to catch up on my laundry, download all my pictures from the trip, not want to throw up when I drive by a fast food restaurant, and last but not least, have a desire to blog again. Regardless of the recovery, it was a fun filled week with much to mention. We headed to San Diego to stay in a time share with all of the Hodsons. With a year in the making, not even gas prices would stop us. ! 4.65 a gallon for all of you Utahans. We had lots to accomplish on the itinerary, and only a week to do it. The beach (of course), Disneyland for some of us, Sea World, a session at the San Diego temple, more beach and pool time, U.S.S. Midway, Padres game, surfing (again for some, it was way too cold), and everything else in between. And to top it all off, we had matching shirts! The highlight of the trip was when we got to sit in the front row of the dolphin show and got drenched. Kael was loving it, and the animals were so amazing to watch. Although we had a great time, it was nice to come home. No more vacations are planned for the summer, so we had to get it in while we could.