Friday, October 9, 2009

Finally...San Francisco

We went to the bay area in August. We finally got around to visiting Akoni and Kim! It was lots of fun. We took the kids to Santa Cruz, Great America, the boys went to an A's game, and Marc and Akoni caught up on A LOT of NBA live. We also took the kids back to Dublin, where Marc grew up. All I can say is hi Johnny's donuts!!!! We then ventured to San Francisco in true tourist style. We rode BART, caught a trolly ride, and walked, and walked, and walked. Not such a great idea with 3 small children. The trip was complete with a fun night stay at Circus Circus. No more carni trips for the Hodson's. If I buy one more bag of cotton candy, see another spongebob ride (seriously almost puked), or wait in any more lines, I will SCREAM!! We do it all for the kids, right? :)