Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2 gone, 2 at home

And what do I do with the other 2? Since Bubba was more sad than I was that sissy went to school, I will have to make it up to him by playing lots of cars. :) For the most part, he and I get to play with this happy, drooling, sleepy baby.


Having Kindergarten start a week after the rest of the kids is torture! It was a very long week for this little girl, but now it's official. No tears. Pure excitement...for both of us. :)

Birthday, School, and a Baptism

These are the order of events that have kept our month crazy busy! Kael turned 8, so I begged him to have a low key party since I was busy with so many other things. He got to float the river with his cousins, and just when I thought I was off the hook, he requested a pirate cake at the last minute. The highlight of his birthday was his Jimmer jersey. He had to wear it the first day of school. He started school a week later, and this weekend we had his baptism. It was a great day!